Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

Thoughts about going vegan

Groceries fresh from the organic store, still not figured out what to do exactly with those beets

Homemade sushi, not really vegan, but sooo yummy!

Tuesday marked the last day of the wonderful 30-day-vegan workshop, hosted by lovely Heather from the  blog Beauty that moves. It was the second time I took this workshop, determined to stay vegan for those   30 days.
For a long time, I have  been trying to become vegan. About three years ago, I found out that I cannot tolerate milk or any milk products. They leave me feeling sick and my skin goes crazy. I do not eat very much meat, mostly chicken or lamb, so I said to myself: Why not become vegan??
It is so much better for the environment and for my health. So what is holding me back?
Mostly, it is a  matter of time and organisation.
At the beginning of the 30 day workshop I did quite well. But my family did not want to join me, so I prepared two varieties of the same meal. This made menu planning and shopping much more complicated than I could handle it at that moment. I felt very stressed and lost my motivation.
I got two new vegan cookbooks today (as if I needed any more cookbooks...), I really need some inspiration for quick and easy vegan dinners that I can jazz up with some lamb chops on the side, or a chicken breast or so.
Any suggestions on dealing with different ways of eating in one family??

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