Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Starting all over

I have been following a lot of blogs during the last two or three years. Food blogs, blogs on living simply, fashion blogs, you name it. It was so easy to dream myself far away, wishing I had a lovely little house in the woods (or by the sea, depending on the season), a vegetable garden and well-raised kinds that would gobble down my freshly cooked organic vegan meals.
Slowly, reality hit me...
I realised that I had neglected my own life. My family, my son and husband and my home. Most of all, myself!
This year so far has been a very stressful one. I realised that I could have avoided many of this years' problems if I had taken care of things earlier.
I started to think about a strategy to regain control of my life and to get things back on track. I work quite well under pressure and I need structure. So I came up with the idea of starting an online blog. I mean, I cannot tell an imaginary reader about eating a healthier diet and then forget about it, right? I'll have to post menus and some pictures of the food I made. And, talking about healthy living, I'll have to tell this reader about time spend outside instead of watching TV... Right? Right!
So here we go! As summer has finally arrived in my corner of the world, the first project will be... to go outside more!! Get outside and get moving! And I need a summer wardrobe! I thing I will give myself time to tackle this task until the end of July.
Will you join me on this journey to a happier life?

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