Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

The first week with the 10 basic rules

It's Wednesday, time to check how I did stick with my basic rules! I must admit, they literally melted away... We were hit by a heat wave over here, it's far to hot, about 35 degrees, 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
I don't mind these temperatures when I am lying on the beach, feet in the sea and a cold drink in my hands. But going to work, doing the weekly shopping or ironing... no way!
I did quite well with the first rule:
Drink enough water: Wouldn't have made it without drinking...
Eat healthily: Well, at the moment I do not eat very much, mostly salads and fruit, so I did pretty well with that rule.
Menu Planning: Skipped that, no need to plan salads ;-)
Move 15 minutes and decluttering: Skipped that, too. Far too hot to move at all!
Check calendar: Completely forgot that.
Lay out clothes: I laid out clothes for Monday, then changed the outfit completely. Forgot about it yesterday, so I had to iron a shirt this morning. On my way to work I could not remember if I had unplugged the iron, so I drove back home. Took me 25 minutes. Laying out clothes now is top priority!
I did quite well with kitchen clean up, loading the iPhone and taking care of my hands, so I'll give myself 5 out of ten points. Not too bad!

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