Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

This week on my balcony...

Soulemama is showing us her garden every week, making me soooo longing for a piece of earth where we could grow our own vegetables and fruit. Well, at the moment, this is a dream, but still... what we do have is our little balcony. It is not very big, but we do grow vegetables here, imagine! Three tomatoes and some salad, to be exactly. And herbs. How I love my little pots with basil, Italian and Thai. I just love Thai basil, it smells wonderfull, and just looking at these pots makes me happy. You can see it in the second picture, the herbs stand in the corner, on the white chair, basil, a tomatoe and two chili plants, Jalapenos.

Another beloved plant on our balcony is the jasmine. My husband brought it here by plane, all the way from Algeria. In our cold climate it has survived for three years now. We are so proud of it! Hopefully, in a few weeks it will be in bloom. Then we will sit on our bench in the evening and the smell of the jasmine will be around us. Cannot wait! (You can see the jasmine in the first picture, at the moment it does not look very spectacular. I will show it to you, when it is in full bloom!)

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