Sonntag, 31. August 2014

Weekly food-preparation (VeganMoFo #1)

When I decided to go vegan for the first time, I failed miserably. We are three people in our family, my husband and son didn't want to join me, so we always have non-vegan food in our fridge and pantry. So many times I came home from work, hungry and tired and grabbed something to eat, vegan or not. During our summer holidays this year, I decided to give veganism a new start. As a motivation (and to add some kind of pressure...) I decided to join the VeganMoFo, hopefully I will make it this time!
I found out that whenever I have a menu plannned for the week this makes it easier to eat vegan, simply because I can plan after-work snacks and work-lunches. I try to prepare some things on the weekend and keep the fridge stocked with veggies and fruit. (That's why sometimes my teenage son is standing in front of the fridge, shouting:"Mom, we don't have anything yummy!!" Veggies are not his favourite thing...)
Here is what I prepared for the week this Sunday:

Raspberry muffins, picture taken by my son

Food ready for the fridge: Muffins, some fake pulled pork, below that we have "obatzter", a German dip usually made from cheese, here made with tofu and then some Sanctuary dip

I am really fascinated by the way this "pulled not-pork" looks...

More muffins!!

Have a wonderful week!

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