Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Eid Mubarak!

So another Ramadan has passed this year. Today, muslims all over the world celebrate Eid ul Fitr, visit relatives and friends and eat as much as they can.
Yesterday, when Algerian TV announced the end of Ramadan, I felt so relieved, like a burden fell of my shoulders. The first cup of tea this morning, drunken by daylight (!) was such a pleasure! It was so wonderful, just to sit in the kitchen with this lovely hot mug of tea in my hands.
Ramadan always reminds me of these simple pleasures, early morning cup of tea, having some ice cream on a hot day or stop for some sushi after a shopping trip. Funny how much I take pleasure in eating or drinking...
So, as usual after this month, I am filled with gratitude for all those things that we take for granted, food on the table, enough money to keep us going, health and my family. And my dishwasher, the old reliable.

Now it's back to cooking-as-usual, goodbye, Shorba and Bourek, Khobz-al-Dar (homemade bread) and bottles of Selecto! I am working on a menu for the next week and then it's time for our summer vacation. Can't wait!!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the last 30 days, enjoy!

Preparing chickpeas in advance

Food ready to go in the freezer

Eggplant slices, ready to be filled with ground meat

Bourek, I must have made about 150 of them altogether

Filling dolma, stuffed vineleaves

Iftar-Table, breaking the fast with shorba, bourek, salad, green beans and chicken skewers. Pure heaven!!

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