Freitag, 20. September 2013


Looks like we have made it to the weekend. Well done! It was the first "real" week of school, with long hours in the afternoon and lots of work for me in the office, too. So, time to relax at the weekend and not clean like mad, like I did last weekend. The next week I will try to "fly" and break down the weekly cleaning into small chunks, I am so excited to see if this works for me. Hopefully it does.

Feels so good to start the weekend with a clean sink!

So, today there will be some minor cleaning tasks, getting everything in order and do some laundry. Do some shopping.
And, in the afternoon, the most dreaded thing: Shopping for clothes with my 12-year-old son. Ugh! He needs everything, sports shoes, jeans, some sweat shirts and a new jacket. We both hate shopping, but untill I have found a good source to get his clothes online, we will have to get trough this together...
But I am so looking forward to Sunday: We will visit a Raw-Food-Trade-Show, I am so excited! I hope I will get to try some raw food, and get some inspiration. I am really interested in raw foods, although I will never go "raw", love my hot soups in winter so much...
Algerian food in the evening, make some tajine. Just for hubby, he misses his home country when autumn comes.

And hopefully we will get to enjoy the first signs of autumn, like lambs lettuce, mushrooms collected in the woods by my Dad and cuddling under a woolen blanket. How I love my blankets! Maybe read some good book. I found "The Help" in the library, so looking forward to it!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P.S: Sorry for the poor picture in this post, I was running around like mad this week and completely forgot about taking photos...Promise this will get better!

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  1. I love your shiny sink (: That's a great way to start any day. I'm in the middle of reading the flylady book...lots of good tips in there. I've got raw food on the brain lately too. My new favorite is walnut meat tacos in lettuce wraps. Yum!