Montag, 23. September 2013

Let's talk about the "raw-volution"...

So, on Sunday I had the chance to visit the "Rohvolution" or "raw-volution" (as it translates into English)...
My general impression on raw foods: It is so expensive! Even the smallest chocolate nut balls or sample smoothies were about 4,-€ (About 5 USD, I guess?)
The food-fair itself was so interesting, even my husband enjoyed it very much. There was much stuff like "energised water" or herbs loaded with "sunbeams" and things like that. I am not sure about that thing. I am more a down-to-earth-girl.

I was very surprised about the large variety of cocoa on offer... Cocoa nibs, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa-whatever. Cocoa everywhere!  We even bought some raw cocoa-bars, I just loved them!

We tried raw-vegan ice cream in coconut taste, so delicious. Just coconut water,coconut and some agave nectar. Need to buy a big pot as soon as I find a shop near us.
One thing I just had to buy was some pure orange oil. Oh, I wish you could smell it, just like orange-heaven!
We also bought some raw granola bars, very delicious.

I am still sceptic about raw soups, or those raw falafel they had on offer. Raw chickpeas? Sadly, there was not much time to get deeper information, it was just so crowded. But the people were very friendly.
Today I ordered a book about raw foods, maybe I'll get some more information in there. Hopefully, it will arrive tomorrow...

There were also cakes, raw apple cake and tiny cupcakes. My son bought one, but it was eaten in a second, no picture, sorry. This also was delish, something like a nut-date-base and a cashew-banana-chocolate frosting on top. Sooo good!

One thing that caught my eye were those beautiful mixers, they looked so colourful. But also, very expensive... Maybe I will get one of those spiral cutters, for making "vegetable"-spaghetti. But at the moment, I am trying to keep everything more simple in the kitchen. I am not so sure if buying more gadgets will help on this. But these spirals looked so pretty.

Have you ever tried raw foods? Any tips or recipes to start with??


  1. I'm total sceptic when it comes to sunbeams in my food but raw chocolate is amazing and I love it! I had a carrot salad with spiral cut carrot in a restaurant and it was one of the best things I'd ever ate. I really need to get myself a spiral cutter too. I got a high powered blender (the vitamix) for my wedding and it's worth it's weight in gold. I love it so much. If you can afford one then get one.

  2. I have been experimenting with raw desserts ! That is a great and fun place to start. So far I have tried raw chocolate "tarts" and raw pecan pie - both very delicious. The pecan "pie" was really just soaked pecans and dates, coconut milk and maple syrup (I live in Canada so I live off maple syrup). I also do walnut Mexican "meat" with walnuts, spices and sundried tomatoes. My husband (the meat lover) actually likes it! Have fun!