Dienstag, 10. September 2013

My magic lunchbox

Hello there, welcome back! Did anyone miss me?
Our laptop is still down, some major error, my lovely son was so nice to let me touch his laptop and load some strange pictures...Good boy!
It was a bit of a struggle to get back to blogging about food after this break. Well, I didn't really even start to blog about food, and all those mouthwatering pictures on other blogs really left me feeling intimidated. I was feeling sooo uninspired.
Then the awesome Colleen Patrick-Goudreau came to the rescue. I just finished her 30-Day-Vegan-Challenge Programm, one thing she talked about was "Intention, not perfection". And this really touched me.
As a new vegan, many people feel this need to be perfect. When I decided to go vegan, my family unfortunately did  not join me, so I am often cooking two dinners, if I have the energy to do so. At the beginning of my journey, after work I often felt so tired and cranky, I just grabbed whatever food I could find. And sometimes I was so tired, I didn't even check the cookies for eggs or dairy.
My body told me later, I felt even more cranky and sluggish after eating non-vegan food.
When I finally made the switch to 100% vegan, this gave menu-planning a whole new meaning and importance. I had to plan two kinds of dinner. And, this is maybe the most important thing for me, I had to plan my lunches!
I work full time, so I have to eat decent food during the day. If I skip lunch, I'll be starving in the afternoon, so enter the magic lunchbox:
These are the lunchbox essentials: Something sweet like fruit-salad or cookies at about 10.00 am.
Something starchy with veggies fur lunch and later some snack like fruit, crackers or chocolate.
Here you can see todays luchbox:
-Some carrots that I snacked on during the morning
-Leftover pasta with sauteed peppers and tomatoes, topped with fake parmesan (made from slivered almonds and nooch)
-Black olives and peperoni
-Two pieces of dark chocolate


This keeps me going until I come home. And this helps me to keep my vegan diet. This little lunchbox enables me to resist the cheese I  might find in the fridge. It helps me to say "no" to the cookies I might find on the kitchen counter that are not vegan.
I might still be far from perfect, but I think I am on my way to being a vegan living peacefully in a non-vegan family. And some day, I might find that one tofu-recipe that convinces the whole family to go vegan.
Until then, I fill my lunchbox with yummy things and make my colleagues jealous.

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