Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Keeping up with Flylady

So I am trying to FLY again this year. One of my New Years Resolutions has been to do the Zone Missions and the Habit of the Month. In January I tried to keep my sink shiny and clean. I think I did quite well. With some exceptions, the sink has been greating me with a smile every morning. As I am the first one to get up in the morning, this has been so nice! Definitely will keep the sink this way.

The breakfast table , clean and decluttered

This months habit is decluttering, 15 minutes a day. Does not sound that much, but today, after getting home from work, doing the zone mission, which took me longer than expected, putting away the lunchboxes and doing a quick kitchen tidy-up, I ended up with one hour spent in the kitchen! And I haven't even started to cook dinner. Or prepare lunches for tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like I am spending hours and hours in the kitchen, so annoying! If only it would stay clean for a few days in a row!  Maybe we should eat only sandwiches for a few days. But I can mess up the kitchen even when I am only preparing sandwiches...

Decluttered lunchboxes

Do you know ways to keep the kitchen clean or speed up dinner/lunchbox preparation time? Any ideas welcome!!

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  1. OK, everything here rings so true to me!! I relate to you so much! When I was trying to stick to my Flylady routines I felt like I was on a treadmill I could never get off! When you add daily cleaning missions to the normal routines of making dinner, preparing lunches, after dinner clean-up, and trying to fit in a walk maybe, it is all just too much. I honestly don't know what the answer is.