Montag, 24. Februar 2014


So, apart from zucchini noodles, what does a vegan-in-training eat every day?
I had quite a love/hate relationship with my kitchen lately. My brother-in-law had been staying with us for over a week and with two adult men in the house, this meant: MEAT. Mostly lamb, maybe some chicken. For me, it meant that I made some vegan boooring! Now it's back to normal here, and that means: Cook mostly vegan meals but don't tell them!
Pasta with vegetables, rice dishes, curries with chickpea and potatoes, stir-fries, pizza (with vegan cheese). Sometimes I served some additional fish or chicken, so Hubby and Son don't get suspicious.

A great help has been my latest cookbook-love, "Isa does it" by the ever-so-wonderful
Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I just love her sense of humour, her writing and -most of all- her recipes.

After trying a few of her recipes, my son decided he would go vegan. I mean, imagine a thirteen-year-old boy who could live on burges and doener going vegan... that is one of the greatest compliments I can imagine for a vegan cookbook! He made it for two weeks, but, alas, he tried. Great work, Isa!
Recipes we have tried so far include:
-Quinoa caesar salad
-Dragon noodle salad
-Creamy sun dried tomatoe penne
-Eggplant & breadcrumb fettucine
-Meaty beany chili (eaten by Hubby and BIL without complaining, I added some TVP)
-and her pancakes
Oh those pancakes...I could make the every day for breakfast, my son would not get enough of them. he loves them.

I highly recommend  this cookbook, if you are following a vegan diet or not. It is full of tasty recipes, always with a weeknight cook in mind, some take a little longer, but you can always prepare something like the sauce for the enchilada casserole, for example.And maybe you'll get inspired to make your own seitan!
I'm in love with all of Isa's books, but this one is by far the best! Also make sure to check out her videos on Youtube, such a funny girl!

Now I'm off to the kitchen, cleaning up the mess from making... pancakes!

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