Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016


Flowers on the table to cheer me up

Today is my last day as stay-at-home-Mom.  From tomorrow on I'll be a working-mom again. A new job, new colleagues, new routines. I am nervous, I have to admit!

So the weekend and the last two days were spent getting ready for work. Making to-do-lists and crossing off some items. Doing loads and loads of laundry. Shopping for new work clothes and stocking the pantry. Making a menu for the first week. As  I type this, my head is still spinning with things that will have to be done today. 

But it's good to be back at work, having a job and bring home some money. Hopefully things will work smoothly... (they never do!) Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The pantry, organised and with inventory. Nerdy, I know...

Making lists and a menu. And drink tea. Lots of tea...

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