Montag, 16. März 2015


So many things have changed during the last few months, I am still trying to cope with everything.
The maybe most important thing is that I will be unemployed, come April. I have worked with the same company for roughly 24 years, that is more than half of my life, so this will be a BIG change.
At the moment I am already at home, which is sometimes fun and sometimes a real challenge.
I always wanted to be a stay-at-home-Mom, waving my son and hubby goodbye in the morning as they leave for work and school, and wait with milk and cookies when they return in the afternoon.
In between, there would be enough time to do the washing, clean the house, cook healthy food and sometimes sit down with a cup of tea and a good book. Oh, how I envyed those women who were able to live like his.
So, now I am one of those women. During the first three weeks at home, I felt like I lived in a vacuum, there was so much time, but still, I had no energy to move at all. I realized I had to create a new routine, a stay-at-home-routine. Gosh!
During the last two weeks, I found a new routine that works quite well, still it has to be tweeked here and there. I found the time to do a bit of the much neglected housework everyday, declutter one room at a time and there is also time to look for a new job. For financial reasons I have to get back to work, hopefully I will be able to find a new job soon.
Another change in my life is that I finally decided to go vegan. Again. But this time, I think it works much better. I still cook "normal" food for the rest of the family, with a vegan twist. I have exchanged their butter with vegan butter and cream with soy or oat cream. No one noticed. (They do not touch the vegan cheese, though...)They still think they would be starving without eting meat, but it's okay with me, I just have some tofu instead. Of course there are days when cooking two different meals is driving me crazy, but I am getting better and better with it. Having a menu is a great help!
I found that planing is soo important, even -or even more- when you are staying at home. It gives my day some much needed structure, and, so important, I can enjoy the afternoon with my family. This is so new to me. Maybe this year I will be able to enjoy spring a bit more!
Next point on my To-Do-List: Create a capsule wardrobe. I have been wearing jeans and sweaters for work for ages, I desperately need some new clothes. Still trying to find out which style would suite me best... Any tips on this subject??

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